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100% Pure, Raw Cocoa Butter, 16 oz. Natural Body Moisturizer, Unrefined and Ideal for DIY

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Sky Organics’ 100% raw Cocoa Butter deeply nourishes skin and locks in moisture so skin feels soft and hydrated all day long. Packed with antioxidants and skin-loving nutrients, this single ingredient body butter boosts skin’s radiance and even helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks when used over time. Completely unrefined, our Cocoa Butter is solid at room temperature and melts down to a buttery texture upon application to the skin -simply warm the butter up in your hands before massaging onto skin. Sky Organics Cocoa Butter is free of synthetic ingredients and has a natural cocoa scent.

- 100% Raw & unrefined
- Moisturizes dry skin
- Antioxidant-rich
- Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
- Natural cocoa fragrance 


Ingredients: Cocoa Butter


Instructions: Warm up Cocoa Butter in your hands before applying wherever you are experiencing dryness. For targeted treatment of stretch marks, apply to the affected area daily. *Our Cocoa Butter is 100% raw, therefore it is solid at room temperature. To naturally soften, store by a window or warm up in your hands before applying.