What's Your Texture?

Finding out what hair type and porosity your hair lives in can be quite challenging. After that has been discovered, what's next? Of course, it's finding what products will work for your hair. What gels work for kinky/coily hair? What creams and oils are too heavy for wavy or Type 2 hair? With research and experience, I have organized a collection of products for each hair type (Type 2 to Type 4) that were made especially for your texture. 


 Take the quiz below to find out which product is best for your texture hair. Did you know that fine, wavy hair cannot use coarse, coily hair products? Why is that? Curly and coily hair needs more affection compared to other hair textures. That extra love is too much for looser textures. From personal experience, my coily hair needs heavy creams and gels for defining while my client's wavy hair needs a lightweight oil mixed with foams and gels. We all need the same thing, but in different ways.