Welcome To My Tamed Mane

Hello to you all and welcome to the Mane Tamer’s Blog!

 Here, you will be able to find posts full of information to assist you on wash days, children styles, what oils to use to grow luxurious hair and a multitude of other various topics. As a hairstylist, I like to take the time out to educate my clients about their hair. I do appreciate them supporting my occupation, but it helps me sleep at night when they are able to keep up with daily maintenance without me. Feel free to express your own knowledge. This is an “each one teaches one” type of community. I would love to hear from you all. 

How does the Mane Tamer’s Blog stand out from the others?

 As founder and owner of My Tamed Mane, I prefer to speak to my audience, not a spokesperson. I really do live for this lifestyle and want to embark all the knowledge that I have to help each and every one of you. My story is no different from yours. The Mane Tamer’s Blog is for me to express my trials, discoveries, concerns and whatever else is necessary for those who may or may not have this information. Here at myTamed Mane, it is understood that the same information is everywhere and frankly there will be some of that information here. However, Mane Tamer’s Blogs will include a more in-depth explanation of whether it be from pictures, videos, or even pure science. Possibly collaborations with other hair artists. Maybe even interviews of game-changers. All that I say is be on the lookout. 

What should you look forward to with the Mane Tamer’s Blog?

 This is a personable company. The blogs come from past experiences and current challenges as a cosmetologist. With an industry that’s forever changing, My Tamed Mane would be your source of tea, sort of speak. Forever doing research so our edges can flourish and our tresses grow healthily. This was made for you. Become A Mane Tamer! Join our email club and have access to all of the services that most people struggle to find. Whether you’re interested in our products, blogs, or just want to drop us an email to say hi, we’re always looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact us for anything on your journey to a more confident you.

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  • The forums are for everyone to help each other grow in his or her natural hair journey
  • Promote positivity and love,
  • Share, share, share!
  • Most of all, take this knowledge and let it assist you

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