Blowout Natural Hair

Use Heat or Not To Use Heat...That Is The Question!

Attention: My Tamed Mane is an extension of my life as a stylist. I would recommend only what’s best for you. I look at everyone as a client in my chair. My brand promotes styling tools that will give you the desired look with methods that fits your ideals.  


For the past few years, there has been dialogue in the natural hair community about using heat on our delicate tresses. It’s been meaningful, informative, and much needed for many of those who don’t understand the balance needed. Balance? “What do you mean by balance,” some may ask to themselves. To answer, I simply mean that too much of something can be bad. Let’s think about it.

Every day, your hair is exposed to the sun. If unprotected exposure to the sun can cause problems to the skin, what is it doing to your hair? Then to add to it, there are people who use styling tools daily (i.e blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons). In response to this, many went on a strike against heat. I can understand the stance and back it wholeheartedly. That amount of heat on all types of hair WILL cause some damage. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with balance. 

Blowout natural hair

As a stylist, I love to change and experiment with my look. Having my beautiful coils allow me the the versatility of wearing my hair however I choose. The silky looks of a fresh press to the luscious textured waves of a twist out. It’s not about what you do, but how often you do it. In my professional opinion, straightening your hair with the iron twice a month is the ideal suggestion. Using an iron once a week is fine. Curling with heat twice a week is fine. My only concerns are the heat settings and the products used to protect the hair. To avoid using heat while your hair is straightened, using rods, rollers, and curl formers would be your go to styling tools. The curls last just as long and provides just as much bounce and movement. 

Pliers - Use Heat or Not To Use Heat...That Is The Question!Game - Use Heat or Not To Use Heat...That Is The Question!

Consult with your stylist on what would be the best approach for your hair. 

 Stretching natural hair

Pro Tips :

~For a silkier finish with the flat iron, the blow dry has to be immaculate from root to ends.

~Blow-dry on medium heat.

~Do not go past 400 degrees F on iron, preferably 380. 

~Do not pass more than twice. Use comb to iron method. 

 Here's a video of a respected stylist that's helping her client on a no heat to low heat journey.

 Also, here's a video on how to use the proper heat settings on 4c (coily/kinky) hair

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