Trim your Ends...or Else

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The Importance of Hair Trimming

With all the facts and myths about why trimming your hair is necessary, let's understand firstly, why we should indulge in the ritualistic act of chopping off our hair when the desire for long and longer locks are insatiable.

Aside from the obvious fact that it makes your hair look nice, let it be known that cutting the ends of your hair does not make your hair grow longer. The hair follicles at the base of your scalp are the generals in hair growth and how you treat them to make or mar your hair growth. But we have to understand that the process involved in hair trimming makes our hair healthy; Hence enhancing hair growth and not the trimming itself.

Over time, focusing on our hair becomes a task and we may forget to do what's required to keep our hair in tact. We get it. However, this result in the tips becoming dry, brittle. The hair strands start to divide in twos or more-this is called splitting. When this occurs, the hair strand is gradually dying off. This process of splitting can work its way up the hair shaft. Clipping (or cutting) the split tips is called trimming.

Why is hair trimming important?

A Split end shortens hair length. When you fail to trim visible split ends, it starts to break away and make the hair shorter. Aside from the fact that shortens your hair, your split ends could be the reason your hair is difficult to manage. Some people are even ashamed due to the amount of breakage from split ends. This causes the strands to be divided into many pieces and get traps in each other. Trimming your ends promotes hair growth.

Healthy hair

Trim your Ends...or Else

Healthy hair:

Trimming off split ends make the hair healthier and give room for fragile hair to grow. Hair full of split ends is unhealthy and rough looking. Trimming split ends results in healthy hair and promotes hair growth.

Thicker hair:

Because split ends thins out the hair strands, clipping it off will make the hair fuller and thicker and good looking.

Trimming your hair might not be the reason for hair growth, but the process of getting a trim is a guarantee of having a boost in the length of your hair. The best process involves shampooing and conditioning the hair. By applying a treatment to the scalp, it awakens the follicles that trigger hair growth and makes hair healthy. Lastly, allow the professional to assess your length and see where the inconsistencies lie.

Cutting your ends is advisable every 4 to 6 weeks after proper care of the hair. Even though there are multiple split end treatments in the market, a good trim is still an essential part of a healthy hair regime. I'm not saying to remove 1/2 an inch or more of hair if you're hair is in good standing. However, I am saying to pay attention to your ends for necessary treatment.  

P.S. Please go to someone that KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. 

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