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Growing 4C Hair is Impossible, or Is It?

Blog after log after blog after blog. With the influx of information people spread, you should be beaming with confidence and determination to achieve your hair goals. We live in a time where companies are recognizing what’s harmful to our hair and skin and making the changes that better suites it’s customer’s needs. What would that be? Products that are actually meant to grow and keep our hair healthy. That’s just it. But is that all we need to grow tightly coiled hair? There has to be more it, right?


Of course, the average person grows about 1/2 an inch in hair per 30 days. There are textures that exceeds the average, growing effortlessly. There are also textures that at least a centimeter less just because of how easy it is to mishandle. However, with the right knowledge, 4C hair can grow just as much, but there’s definitely going to be some effort. 

Scrolling through my timeline on Instagram is therapeutic for me. My feed is FILLED with talented professionals and naturalistas. I appreciate those that find the voice that needs to be shared to promote curly and coily hair. One of those voices stuck a chord that was memorable and informative. She transparently shares her failures and successes all the while teaching those who may run across the similar scenarios.  You will find this lovely on Instagram: @fromato4z 

Her regimen is simple, but consistent. I’ve been following her for at least 2 years now and I’m in awe of her progress.  She understands the science behind growing coily hair and it’s producing results. 

“I'm often asked if I wash my hair in twists. The answer is, "yes".
I've experienced so many benefits by washing in twists: ✔It reduces knotting and tangling, thereby increasing retention. Since my hair stays stretched and bound, it doesn't have a chance to move around and wrap around itself. This is also helpful for subsequent styling. ✔The parts in my hair allow me to really get to and focus on my scalp. When I wash my hair, I focus on ensuring that my scalp is exfoliated and cleansed and spend less time on cleansing my length. ✔I find that I use way less product when my hair is twisted than when I wash it loose. The same can be said for moisturizing my hair. ✔It allows for my wash day to go faster, since I don't always re-twist afterwards. .
This method works for me whether I use shampoo, a clay mask, (deep) conditioner, protein treatments, post shampoo rinses, moisturizer, oils, etc.”

“It's another week of wearing my hair in a "large" protective style. This time, I chose to stretch my hair by braiding my length and twisting ends, before threading the plaits into a ponytail.
Having and following a simple routine has helped my hair to thrive: I wash my hair weekly, moisturize and seal regularly, trim my ends once every three months, and finger detangle almost exclusively. My hair grows very slowly, but it's thriving.”

"Discipline is consistency of action.” -- James C. Collins
What advice do I have for people who are looking to have healthy, long hair? CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE. I've been growing my hair for 7.5 years. It's taken time and effort. .
To view my full regimen, visit the link. I've been using this regimen since 2017.”


Patience and consistency with knowledge on how to handle your hair will give you the growth you’re looking for. Tightly coiled hair can and will be a challenge to grow, but the results are worth it. No matter how long it takes, rest assure it’s possible. Click here to find out more about growing your hair. 


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