Braids for Children

Braids For Kids: What you need to know?


I’m not going to lie; I love children's braids. As a natural stylist, one of the most requested styles that I get from mothers would be braids for kids. Always be aware of the rule of thumb when searching for styles for your little ones; the simpler the better. Try not to use lots of chemicals straighteners and dyes, as this will certainly cause future hair loss if done too frequently.


Children love to talk. And that's a good thing. Especially when they're in the chair with me. They are a huge help when it comes to the creative styling process. With children, I am allowed and able to create swirls, basket weaves, hearts, and so much more. There is no greater feeling than giving the shy little girl an awesome hairstyle, that shows off some of her personality.  Most parents love to see their kids with nice, fresh hairstyles that not only look fantastic, but also boosts their childs' self-esteem. As we know kids can be cruel. We all remember our days as little girls, and boys, and how we had to be on point with our outfits and hair. Amazing how nothing has changed!

On a grander scale, it’s important that our children’s hair is combed to perfection. I have learned that it helps the child to maintain healthy hair habits, which is essential for future styling.


Braids For Kids: Some Great Ideas.

Crochet braids are great protective styles, but be mindful of the size of the braid or twist that’s being installed. Some styles are a lot less conservative than others.


Cornrows are your traditional style that never gets old. These days, stylist are taking it to another level when it comes to designs for children.


Box braids and kinky twist are another traditional style that helps for those parents that stay on the go or those that don’t know what else to do to their child's hair so it will grow.


Straightening the hair is great for any occasion. Be mindful of how easily your child can revert the hair by excessive activity. Also, remind the stylist about the heat settings so they don’t damage all of that hard work you put into your child’s hair.


Braids for kids: How often do I get my child's hair done?

Excellent question. Typically, braids for kids last anywhere from 2-3 weeks , unless they are individual braids or twists, which last up to 2-3 months. By going to the stylist more frequently, the hair will be treated with intensive hydrating systems to keep it strong and healthy.


Braids for kids: How long does it take?

They typical styling time when doing braids for kids takes about 2-4 hours for the entire service. Of course there are some other factors that may add, or subtract time such as hair length, thickness, etc. 

Braids for kids: What type of hair should I use?

Any type of hair is fine, but if you really want to have a long lasting, professional look, find Xpressions Janet Collection. Do not get anything that has toyokalon fibers as it can not be heat-styled and the plastic fibers are damaging to natural hair.


Braids for kids: Are crochet braids good for my child?

Yes, indeed! A lot of styles can involve crochet braids and cut down on salon time. Kids and crochet braids definitely go hand in hand. A lot of kids don’t like to sit around too long and it normally takes me about 2 hours to install crochet braids (wash and deep condition included).


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