Cosmo Talk 101


Wavy, Curly, Coily, & Locs

Silky Smooth Hair

An online beauty supply owned and operated by a cosmetologist that understands the delicate nature of our textured hair.

Grow your hair without the stress

Transitioning and current naturals run into this often enough. We all know it too well. One minute the progress is full force and then out of nowhere, there's a halt. What happened? Read more...

Shop With A Licensed Professional

My Tamed Mane products and other supported brands are produced and selected with the intention to grow your hair healthier and stronger. Each product is presented to you with a professional’s perspective on how the everyday person can have salon quality results without compromising the health of your hair. 

When was the last time you trimmed your ends?

Aside from the obvious fact that it makes your hair look nice, let it be known that cutting the ends of your hair does not make your hair grow longer. Trimming your ends promotes hair growth. Read more...

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